Shivakumar Bhaskaran

B.P Singh Sir is a “Servant Leader” who always puts people first. I was amazed by looking at his effort and inclination toward society and the mentality of “How to improve”. CBEMG is just not a training center to go away with a certificate. It is an Ocean filled with vast knowledge and expertise across […]

Vineet Dubey

Most detailed and in-depth Six Sigma training. I recommend CBEMG to everyone who is starting the Six Sigma journey. BP Singh Sir makes a great effort to explain the topic. Uses simulation methods to explain the concepts.

Nikhil Pachauri

I am very happy to be part of this training. The way BP Singh Sir put the effort, hats off to him. I have got a deep understanding of Six Sigma, and Lean concepts in this training program. I will recommend others to join this training program if you want to be BB certified.